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Features of our Digital Library

Authors You Know, Books You Love

We don't just want to help young people learn to read. We want to make them lifelong readers, and the best way to do that is by sharing the joy of reading.

That's why our library includes Caldecott winning titles such as Ezra Jack Keats' The Snowy Day, Taro Yashima's Crow Boy and Allen Say's Grandfather's Journey alongside classics like Jannell Cannon's Stellaluna and William Steig's Pete's a Pizza.

Donald Crews, Mary Ann Hoberman, Cynthia Rylant, Amy Hest, Martin Waddell and Grace Lin are just some of the many celebrated authors who have books in our library.

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Immersive Music and Narration

Each book includes original and unique music and effects composed by Robby Merkin, the former music director of Sesame Street, as well as narration by over thirty professional actors. Reading to a child is an essential element in the process of learning to read.

The variety of voices is very helpful to ELL students.

Read-Along Mode

Read-Along Mode immerses pre-readers in quality literature before they are fully effective readers, teaching a love of reading while building foundational literacy skills.

In this mode, each book plays with narration, music and sound effects. Each word is individually highlighted as it is spoken, teaching...
  • Left-to-right directionality
  • End-of-line return
  • Relationship between the spoken and the written word
Read-Along Mode enables pre-readers to choose to either have the player automatically turn the pages or turn the pages on their own.
I Can Read It Mode

I Can Read It Mode is designed to help emergent readers transition into independent readers. There is no music or narration, so children can read books on their own. If a child cannot read a word, he or she can click it to hear it aloud.

This creates a non-judgmental environment in which early readers can get the help they need without drawing attention to themselves.

My Word List

My Word List is designed to improve reading fluency. The words developing readers click on in the I Can Read It mode are added to My Word List. Students that have logged on individually can go to this list any time to sound out and hear the words they've clicked. When they've mastered a word, they can move it to their learned words list.

For readers who have not individually logged on, the My Words badge appears at the end of the book they have been reading.


Improved vocabulary leads to better comprehension and can help readers become more fluent.

Challenging words in our books are included in our Vocabulary feature, which developing readers can use to read and hear definitions as well as examples of these words in the context of the story.


If an individually logged-in user has started a book but not completed it, the next time that book is chosen there will be a bookmark icon in the upper right of the screen displaying the cover of the book. Clicking on the bookmark icon will bring the reader to where they last left off.

If the reader wishes to start the book from the beginning, click on the appropriate icon for the reading mode desired.

Build a Word

To help foster phonic awareness in young readers, we've added a new feature, Build a Word, to One More Story. Students can choose from a host of common letter groupings, then add a letter in front of the grouping to create words. Correct words created can be clicked on to be heard.

The Listening Game

Only available with school and classroom subscriptions, The Listening Game is a comprehension assessment tool. Teachers can choose to have multiple choice questions that test basic comprehension appear interspersed in or at the end of books. While students do not receive feedback on their responses, teachers can review the results in the Teachers' Place.

This feature mirrors the way a teacher might pause as he or she reads a book to ask a question about what's happened in the story, and then scan the room for unsure faces.

Icon-Based Login

Only available with school and classroom subscriptions, Icon-Based Login uses icons rather than text to allow students who are not yet confident readers to log into their accounts on their own. Now, even the youngest students can log in to One More Story effortlessly.

The Teachers' Place
For classroom and school accounts, teachers have access to The Teachers' Place, where they can build class lists, monitor student activity, view students' My Word Lists, and track their results on the Listening Game.
The Parents' Place
Those with home subscriptions can use The Parents' Place to view a child's My Word List as well as the books he or she has recently read.
Echo Reading
In I Can Read It Mode, children can click to hear the current page aloud, then echo it. Echo reading is a method of improving fluency, especially with ELL students, who through immediate repetition can learn to speak more naturally.
Handicap Accessible
Learners with physical handicaps can navigate the entire site and application with the tab and enter keys.
What the Experts Say

One More Story received the James Patterson PageTurner Award for finding "original and effective ways to spread the excitement of books and reading."
We are also recipients of the Parents' Choice Silver Honor, a Teachers' Choice Award for the Classroom and a Teachers' Choice Award for the Home. School Library Journal named our resource one of the ten best digital resources.
One More Story may be closer to true reading than even the ink-on-paper books (with real gutters!) that I read aloud.
Nothing beats sitting down with your child and reading a book together and the excitement when they start to recognize words. Here's a great complement to that experience:

The readings are well paced and modulated. The performances weave doses of excitement, suspense, humor and fun into the fabric of each story.
Manal, Teacher and Parent
Thank you so much for developing an incredible application. We read every book this school year, and my child's vocabulary has exponentially grown through great stories! I'm recommending it to my friends who are school teachers.
Cheryl, Elementary School Teacher
We were running an after school reading intervention. When the students passed a story, the teachers were giving out candy. I changed the reward to One More Story. The students soon forgot about the candy.
Danielle Mahoney, Scholastic Blogger
Without over-the-top animation or lots of bells and whistles, One More Story makes reading fun and exciting for kids.
Jake, Elementary School Teacher
My students are absolutely mesmerized when we read a story using your service.
Debbie, Special Ed Teacher
I love using OMS as it creates independence and allows my students to access books that they otherwise could not!
Michelle, Elementary School Teacher
We tried a few other options and nothing captures the attention of a kindergarten student like One More Story!
Ellie, ELL Specialist
You can't imagine how much this helps my children seeing the words highlighted as the story is being read with expression.
Sarah F., Parent
My kids love using One More Story and I love the quality of the read alouds and the simplicity of the website (no ads or other links for my kids to click on).
Crystal, homeschooling mom
The app is easily navigated by children. You should only need to go over things once with your child, and they can easily choose books and reading methods on their own after that. If you have a story lover in your home I highly recommend looking into this fun and engaging program!
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