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Book cover The Little Red Hen and the Ear of Wheat

IN A NUTSHELL: When no one helps Little Red Hen make bread, she doesn't share it.

SUMMARY: This is a version of the folktale, The Little Red Hen, who finds a grain of wheat, decides to plant it, but receives no help from her friends the Mouse and the Rooster. She has to water, harvest, bring the wheat to be milled into flour and bake the bread herself. Because the Rooster and the Mouse do not help the Little Red Hen, she does not share her bread with them. However, they learn their lesson, and the next time she finds a grain of wheat, they put in their share of the work, and all three of them share the freshly baked bread.

KEYWORDS: folk tales,animals,perseverance

AUTHOR: Mary Finch
ILLUSTRATOR: Elisabeth Bell
LENGTH: 7:30

Fountas & Pinnell: not available
Accelerated Reader: 2.8
Lexile: 470
DRA: not available