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Book cover Let's Be Friends

IN A NUTSHELL: Big, the elephant has no friends because he is too big. Little, the mouse has no friends because she is too little. Despite their differences, the two become the best of friends.

SUMMARY: Friendship... a precious, essential and most important part of life. But friendship can be delicate. Misunderstandings happen and must be acknowledged and worked through. In Let's Be Friends, we see a friendship develop and then be upset when envy comes into play. Three forest creatures, Big, Little and Moley teach us how we need to work hard to make, keep and grow a friendship. Written by Seo Yun Choi, illustrated by Masumi Furukawa. Our narrator is Kim Sykes. Original music and effects composed by Robby Merkin.

KEYWORDS: animals,friendship,self-esteem

AUTHOR: Seo Yun Choi
ILLUSTRATOR: Masumi Furukawa
LENGTH: 8:09

Fountas & Pinnell: not available
Accelerated Reader: not available
Lexile: not available
DRA: not available

PUBLISHER: Big & Small