From infancy to kindergarten, pre-readers develop their reading "muscles" by talking, pointing and mimicking reading behaviors. They seek to express themselves by interacting with their surroundings.

Pre-readers interact with books and language every day. They see their parents, siblings and people around them reading. They are ready to explore the connection between words and the world.

Reading to pre-readers early and often is an important part in the process of learning to read, write and communicate with others. Helping your child learn to read is one of the most important gifts a parent can give.

One More Story is one of many great ways to foster your child's development of language and literacy. As a virtual library of picture books, One More Story is fun, portable and simple to use for you and your pre-reader. Click to learn more about One More Story and its online children's library

Below are links to information about nurturing early literacy skills in your child:

  • Zero to Three is a non-profit dedicated to the development and well-being of infants and toddlers. In their "Behavior & Development" section they address Early Language and Literacy, offering informational articles and suggestions for activities.
  • The Center for Early Literacy Learning (CELL) draws from research across the country to provide information and activities in their guides for parents.
  • NECTAC, the National Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center is a government center that produces research and information on developing language and early literacy skills. They also offer links to a number of other resources.
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