Reading in Kindergarten
Kindergarten Readers Article from One More Story

Kindergarten Readers

Kindergarten is an exciting time full of new and fun experiences, learning, making friends and becoming more independent. Your child makes great strides every day by going to his or her classroom and being a part of a community of learners. By engaging with your child and identifying with his or her experience of this process, you help them realize their best selves. Read more...
Kindergarten Reading Levels Article from One More Story

Kindergarten Reading Levels

At the beginning of kindergarten your child may understand the elements of literacy and may even demonstrate basic reading and writing skills. As a parent you wield tremendous influence over your child's perception and adoption of literacy behaviors and effective communication. Read more...
Kindergarten Readiness Article from One More Story

Kindergarten Readiness

Every fall, families prepare to send their children to school for the first time. It is an exciting and challenging time during which the question often arises, "Is my child ready?" As a parent you are the person best equipped to answer that question. Read more...