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As a former producer of Sesame Street, Carl Teitelbaum, understands literacy begins at home. Children who are familiar with letters, words, and the way books work have a head start on early literacy over those who have not been introduced to reading.

One way that children learn to read is by following along as an adult reads to them. In this way, they can begin to understand that words are read left to right, and they can begin to associate sounds with letters. One More Story is an online library founded by Carl Teitelbaum and Rona Roth, a kindergarten teacher with 30 years of experience, that reads books aloud so that children can follow along. The stories are also set to music to enhance the listening experience and engage a child's imaginative learning.

One More Story is an especially great resource for homeschooling parents. Not only does it introduce children to books and provide them with a supportive learning environment to practice reading, it also offers a wide variety of books that children can access on any tablet, phone or computer. Homeschooling parents who subscribe to One More Story's online library will benefit from their children using the web site in several ways:

  • Teaching Made Easy | Teaching reading is a time consuming activity. Using One More Story can ease the burden of teaching reading and provide a way for children to practice while their parents prepare lessons or help siblings with their schoolwork.

  • Save Time | Children can now be exposed to a variety of literature that ranges from pre-reading levels to more difficult levels without needing to buy books or interrupt the school day for a trip to the library. One More Story's online library contains a variety of books and is organized by shelf color and not by reading level.

  • Learn Anywhere | Parents can take children anywhere in the world, either for a family vacation or for learning experiences, and children can still access their books online.

  • Increase Vocabulary | Children learning to read will both hear the book narrated and see the word being read as it is highlighted on screen. This allows them to truly follow along, not just listen to the story. With its Vocabulary tool, children have direct access to spoken and written definitions and example sentences for more challenging words.

  • Individualized Learning | The "I Can Read It" mode allows children learning to read to click on a word they may not know and hear it read aloud. This feature is particularly useful as children need a lot of practice reading and homeschooling parents may not be able to supervise every minute of it.